Pet Service Pricing

Pet sitting typically includes feeding the pet, making sure he/she has fresh water, taking him/her outside for exercise or playing with him/her indoors, giving the pet love and attention, scooping the litter box, administering medicine, cleaning up any pet messes, etc. In short, it's anything pet-related that needs to be taken care of.

However, in many cases, pet sitting also includes invaluable house sitting tasks as well, such as watering plants, adjusting the lights/drapes so it looks like someone is home, bringing in the mail and taking out the garbage on trash day.

In spite of the services needed for all of your and your pets needs, my standard fee is:

      Overnight dog care for clients or our home:

  • $40 per evening, per pet.
  • $40 per each additional pet. 
  • $70 per evening, per pet under 1 year.
      Dog visits:
  • $25 per 30 minutes visit, one pet.
  • $25 for each additional pet.
  • $5 per additional 15 minutes. 
      Overnight cat or exotic care in clients
  • $40 per evening, per one cat or exotic.
  • $10 per additional cat or exotic.
  • Please note, clients are required to pick up their pet (s) by noon, on the day of release, otherwise, a $40 fee will be applied per one pet, and $10 per additional pet.

       Cat or exotic visits:

  • $25 per one cat or exotic, 30 min.
  • $10 per additional cat or exotic.
  • $5 per additional 15 min.
       Holiday rates:
  • An addition $5.00 will be applied, per day, per pet.
  • Holidays include  New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Thursday/Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Year’s Eve. 
       Additional services:
  •  $15 for pick up, if the location is within 15 miles.
  •  $15 for drop off, if location is within 15 miles.
  •  $10 additional if the location is more than 15 miles from my home.       If your locations is past 15 miles, additional fees will apply.
  •  $15 key pick up, if not provided at the time of the meet-and-greet, or   each time required to pick up.
  • If additional pet food, vet visits, groomer transportation, or similar animal needs are required while under our care, and additional $15 will be applied to the total cost of purchases.
  • Payment is due before, or after services are completed. An Additional $3.00, will be added to each additional day, of late payment.
  • An additional amount will be charged for the items damaged, if your pet destroys or breaks any supplies while in my home.

       Additional charges may apply. 

Initial meet and greet prior to scheduled visit(s) is required and is at no    cost to pet owner. It is suggested to have key's available during the time of our meet and greet, to avoid additional charges.

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